I am a Lecturer in the Critical Writing Program at the University of Pennsylvania. I earned my Ph.D. in English with a concentration in Writing History and Theory (WHiT) at Case Western Reserve University in May of 2019. My research focuses on the sometimes contradictory subjectivities that are required by the biopolitical state from the early twentieth century to the present moment. My dissertation, Uncomfortable Subjects: Bioaffective Attachments, Aesthetic Remainders, and the Making of a Physician, attends to the paradoxical subject position that physicians come to occupy through medical training as a result of the use of the term empathy by various populations, including medical humanists and the public. My research interrogates the aesthetic products that medical students themselves produce during their education in order to emotionally and psychologically accommodate that subjectivity. My work falls at the intersections of the rhetoric of health and medicine, professional and technical communication, affect studies, and the medical humanities.

In the fall of 2019, I will be teaching two courses at Penn that stem from my research, including Against Empathy?, where we will take a deep dive into an examination of what makes up the concept of empathy to question whether sharing the feelings of others is as globally helpful as some may assume, and The History of Pain where we will examine the ways that pain has been interpreted by individuals and society since the eighteenth century. At Case Western Reserve University, I previously designed taught courses such as Rendering Life Itself in Literature, BioArt, and Scientific Data and my writing-intensive course on medical memoir titled Internal Medicine. I have previously taught Writing for the Health Professions, Technical Writing for Engineers, and developmental writing courses while working in the Writing Resource Center, as well as an Introduction to Creative Writing course.

At CWRU, I previously served as the Vice President of the Graduate Council of Arts and Sciences (GCAS 2018-19), the President of the English Graduate Student Association (2017-18), the Communications Chair for the Graduate Society of Medical Humanities (2016-18), and at the University level, I was a member of the Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy Committee (2018). At the Departmental level, I served on the English Department Colloquium Committee, the Sharnoff Poetry Committee, and as a representative on the Undergraduate Studies Committee. I have led two semester-long reading groups for graduate students on Marxist Theory, and Affect Theory as well. In addition, I am also the creator of the Chopin in the Century website, a digital archive of Kate Chopin’s short fiction published in The Century magazine. I also hold an M.A. in Literature from Eastern Michigan University, and a B.A. in English from Lourdes University.

Below please find a link to the most recent version of my curriculum vitae: